The Power Arm SuspensionTM kit provides an upgrade to Tri-GlideTM trikes that drastically improves the ride and handling through the implementation of fully independent suspension technology, without any change to the outward appearance of the trike nor the high expense of replacing the stock differential, reverse, brake calipers and drive belt. The Power Arm SuspensionTM name was chosen for the unique manner our patented invention performs, such as improved ride and reliable power to the wheels through the control arms (versus other solid axle or complex designs). Our system provides a replacement swing arm, which attaches a central housing assembly holding the stock differential, pulley and reverse components. The stock shocks are replaced with appropriately sized coil-over shocks for proper ride and motorcycle stance. The outer wheel carrier assembly, which accepts 1 1/2" larger rotors and stock brake calipers, is held in place by a control arm that houses the rotating drive shaft assembly and is mounted at six attachment point. These six attachment points are accomplished with 5/8" spherical rod ends to ensure precision placement and carefree connections. Our revolutionary design retains the following stock components:

Body, Wheels, Tires, Differential, Reverse, Brake Calipers and Drive Belt

The Power Arm SuspensionTM, having completed real world testing has achieved outstanding results of ride, reliability, excellent road handling and comfort. We proudly offer the Power Arm SuspensionTM Kit to those concerned riders seeking an improvement of the ride quality and investment in their existing Harley Davidson Tri-GlideTM trikes through our factory and authorized dealers.


Proudly made in the U.S.A.

 Independent Suspension Conversion Kit for the HarleyTM Tri-GlideTM 


      Belt Check                   Top Mounts                Support Bars                Control Arm           Wheel Flange Bolts        Outside Carrier

      Stock Parts                  Z Brackets             Swing Arm Bearings           Swing Arm          Adjustable S.A. Bracket     Main Assembly

Patent #8567548

Ready to Ride!

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